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In some weeks we will have Kevin Roldan in Europe!!


The interpreter of ‘Contigo’ is having fun by this days in Miami Beach, Florida, where he told us about his King Tour that will be taking place in the old continent too. It is time for fans in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and more countries to enjoy Kevin Roldan in Europe!

He posted this video on his official Instagram account @KevinRoldanKR, asking people where they want his shows to be. And his fans are just crazy commenting their cities and countries, all of them want to listen to his best songs live.

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There is not date of its start or places yet but in the next days we will announce all details about it! If you want to have Mr KR in your city, leave him your comments on this video!

KING TOUR EUROPE 2016 ♛ @managerkr

Un vídeo publicado por Kevin Roldan ♛ (@kevinroldankr) el