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See what happened with Zion & Lennox in Bogotá…


Last week the capital city of Colombia was visited by two of the most important Reggaeton artists from many years ago.

Zion & Lennox in Bogota made a media tour by important radio stations of the city, they also recorded a video clip with Mackie of a new song that will be dropped very soon named ‘Bailar Contigo’, and also a video clip of a new song that will be included in their next album Motivan2.

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Great stuff is coming with Z&L after they got a contract with Warner Music, the company that manages this duo to give us the best of their music. On the other hand ‘Embriagame’ which is the last promotional single of the duo has reached more than 10 million views on it official music video in YouTube, making it one of the top 100 most watched videos of that platform in the last three months.